Saturday, April 18, 2009

Veggie tales

Living in the city is great although you are limited when it comes to land and gardening. We are very grateful for the huge park outside our front door since we have absolutely no grass surrounding our house. I wanted to test out my thumb (not sure if it’s green) and plant some vegetables. With our limited space a container garden works best. We planted some “trial” vegetables this year, two types of lettuce and radishes. I have read that these are some of the easier to grow and we eat them the most so it sounds like a win-win.

It has been 3 weeks since we planted the seeds and so far they are looking good. The radishes are growing like crazy although the lettuce is slow coming. We are not sure how fast lettuce is supposed to grow and are wondering if the seeds were duds.

We can’t wait to try these beautiful vegetables, if they make it to our plates. Elli may get to enjoy them before we do since she has been eyeing up the radishes an awful lot lately.

Pictures above: Our container garden, Elli relaxing on the deck below our newly installed retractable close line, Elli guarding her veggies

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