Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cold misty weather and warm chai tea

Hello all and Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here :)

Today started off kind of strange with this crazy weather. When I took Elli out this morning I found it to be a bit creepy outside. The best way to describe this weather is like a scene from Stephen King’s The Mist. Luckily there were not huge bug-like creatures flying around, just the usual bum sleeping in the park.

I over slept a bit this morning but was able to fit in a quick workout:

30-minute boot camp (recorded from FitTV)
10-minute abs routine

On my way into work this morning I stopped at Giant for some tea. I always drink something warm throughout the day since my office is freezing. I went to see if the holiday Celestial tea was out that was recommended on one of my favorite blogs. Doesn’t sugar cookie sleigh ride tea sound deliciously warm and cozy? Well of course it’s not out yet or at least Giant didn’t have it stocked. I will be on the look out for this tea all season so let me know if you see it out. I like the Giant close to work because they have a huge selection of natural and organic products. I always head straight to that isle to see what goodies I can find. I ended up spotting sometime I knew would keep me warm at work: Chai Tea Latte Concentrate. I’ve been on a chai tea kick ever since it started to get cold outside and refuse to pay $4-5 a pop at Starbucks or my fav Vaccaro’s although I treat myself now and then. Besides I don’t even want to know how many calories are packed into their drinks. So I got the concentrate and a carton of unsweetened soymilk to keep at work. It’s an easy one-part concentrate to one-part milk and one serving is only 100 calories. (Still a treat in my book) I drank mine warm but you can also pour it over ice. I must say it taste pretty good especially since everything cost as much as one latte out and it will probably make about 10-12 servings. Sweet!

This morning I had vanilla soy yogurt with fresh berries, same as yesterday. Have I mentioned how yummy this yogurt is? It’s a must try! I packed soup for lunch, which went great with the nasty weather, and helped keep me warm. Amy’s Kitchen soups are delish and I had the vegetable minestrone today. This week has been all about healthy convenience foods- not usually the case since I cook most often. My only excuse is that we’re gearing up for Thanksgiving, does that work? I’ll blame it on the fact that we’re anxious about hosting for the first time. Keeping this weeks food simple allows us to relax and get ready for our company. We are hosting both sides of the family, a total of 17 people, and it’s our first turkey!

My Angel

I headed to Target today eager to shop for my Salvation Army Angel. I could have been in there for hours! They had some of the cutest infant/children clothes. It’s a good thing that I set a $25 limit because I could have gone crazy buying clothes for her. I mentioned yesterday that my angel is a 3-month-old little girl and I feel so fortune to be able to help during this holiday season. I tried to get her the most I could with my spending limit and here is what I got.

Cute little girly warm outfits, infant toys, and socks. I decided to get one outfit for her to grow into at 6 months. I pray that her and her family will like what I picked out and hope it helps keep her warm this winter.

It’s time to make dinner, which means I’m done blogging for today. Have a good night!

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