Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mexican and Irish weekend out

This weekend flew by… we had a fun and somewhat relaxing couple days. We ended up going out for dinner Friday and Saturday night. Friday we headed out with our friends to a Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood, Nacho Mama's. It’s a cool spot, very corky environment, cheap eats and good taste. The hostess confirmed that we have become regulars there since she remembered our last name. There are not many selections on their menu that I eat- most are loaded with meat and cheese. I tried something different this time, vegetable fajitas without the cheese and sour cream. My friends kept telling me that I was missing the best part but these fajitas were wonderful and definitely didn’t need the dairy.

Nacho Mama's has some "rules" and my fav is that they play Journey every night at 10pm.

Started out with the usual chips and salsa.

Here are my veg fajitas- look at all this food! Jeff helped eat some veggies and I had plenty left for lunch on Saturday.

I almost forgot that I had a glass of wine before we left for dinner. Our friends were running late so it was a nice way to pass the time.

We headed home after dinner since we planned to get up early and clean on Saturday.

Saturday we clean everything possible! It was like the spring cleaning we somehow forgot to do. Since we’re hosting Thanksgiving it was nice to get the major cleaning out of the way. I’m off on Wednesday and will touch up everything then too.

After cleaning we headed out to use some gift cards we had laying around, one for Crate and Barrel and one for Ryan’s Daughter, an Irish pub. It was a fun afternoon with a couple beers and light dinner most of which was FREE!

At Ryan's Daughter I got the Greek salad with tuna.

Jeff got a seafood shepherds pie that looked tasty.

That sums up most of our weekend. I'm going to check out a new gym once I post this. I really need to join a gym!!

Oh yeah, Elli enjoyed her weekend too. Here's a pic I took of her chilling on our deck.

I'll check back later with gym updates and week plans. Enjoy this nice Sunday!

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