Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The past several months just flew by! I was so busy with work that the entire summer seems like a blur. It’s time to dust off this blog.

If you’re wondering what I have been up to lately, here goes…

June through August I was crazy at work with our bank conversion and also training for my second half-marathon. In October I ran the race in my now-home town of Baltimore. What a lovely race, there was so much support from city residence. My darling husband was out cheering me on along the way. I was pleasantly surprised with my finish time of 2:19, better than my last half, 2:22. This course was a bit harder with some tough elevation so I was thrilled to decrease my time.

Throughout the conversion at work I was eating pretty crappy. People would bring in bagels and doughnuts, all kinds of stuff just about every day. This didn’t help me loose weight throughout my training. I just found better reasoning: I ran 7 miles today so what the heck, give me a bagel and don’t forget cream cheese. My blood sugar was constantly low as a result of junk eating and hypoglycemia. After conversion wrapped I knew that changes had to be made since I felt terrible. I did a lot of research about my hypoglycemia condition and to make a long story short, I am now living somewhat of a vegan lifestyle: no meat and extremely limited dairy. After reading several books about vegan and vegetation diets I didn’t think twice about the switch. The change in diet has even helped my husband loose weight. I’m a bit jealous considering I haven’t lost near as much but I feel so much better and that’s what counts.

More recently I have decided to make time to go back to college. I haven’t quite finished my business admin A.A. degree, with 7 more classes to go. At this point my goal is to finish my A.A. and hopefully move on for my bachelor’s degree, depending on where life takes us.

I would like to keep up my blog and hope that it will help keep me sane throughout the school year. Since I plan to start training for another half-marathon, time will be tight with work, school, and wifely duties.

Hope to post again very soon :)

Happy fall, almost winter! (Wow this year has gone fast)

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