Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Day in The Life

In an effort to stay on track with my attempt to exercise daily and eat a balanced diet, I’ve decided to share a few days with you here-and-there. I don’t plan to bore you with this everyday although it will help hold me accountable. I am not even sure anyone reads this blog but I pretend someone out there gives a damn, which makes me think about my actions. Whatever works!
Today started off well with a peaceful and productive morning, always a plus in my book. Elli, our black lab, woke me at the usual 5:25 this morning to take her out. Here is what the rest of my day usually looks like…

Wednesday (Happy Hump Day!)

5:25 Woke up and took Elli out
5:40 Fed Elli and prepped dinner, cut up sweet potatoes
6:00 Bundled up and hit the pavement for a 2 mile run
6:20 Stretched and checked The Nest fitness board
6:30 Got ready for work, made coffee, sent Jeff out the door
7:20 Left for work
8:00 My workday begins….
4:30 Head home
5:30 Take Elli out and start dinner
6:00 Catch up with Jeff over dinner
7:00 Blogging & Facebook updates
8:00 Watch TV (usually recorded from previous night), read and relax
9:30 *yawn* get ready for bed

I try my best to plan meals for the week and here is what’s in store for today.

B: regular coffee with unsweetened soymilk
vanilla soy yogurt with blueberries & raspberries
S: carrots with roasted red pepper hummus
L: Amy’s organic black bean and vegetable burrito
S: apple with natural peanut butter
D: vegan Boca burgers with sweet potato fries

Usually I stick with the “plan” but depending on my mood I may switch it up a bit.

Turns out that I wasn’t hungry for a morning snack so I skipped the carrots and hummus. This was my first of Amy’s burritos and I brought taco sauce a long just incase it was dry. I didn’t need it because it taste great plain. I kept cutting my bites smaller and smaller to make it last longer. During my lunch break I caught up with my current read: In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. My friend, who is also very much into nutrition, let me borrow it. I’ll let you know how it is once I’m finished. I am juggling two books right now so it may be awhile.




Dinner. I had some salad to use up so I threw that in too.

This post has ended up longer than expected. Hope you have a wonderful evening!

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