Friday, November 27, 2009


Thanksgiving was wonderful! We hosted both sides of the family this year and fixed our first Thanksgiving dinner. We were blessed to have lots of help from our family and everything turned out great. It was so nice having everyone together this year, all 17 of us. I was busying playing hostess and didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked.

Here is a quick recap and the few pictures that I took.

My sister-in-law works in the floral business and sent us a beautiful centerpiece. So very thoughtful and it looked perfect on our table.

We borrowed a table from church to extend our dining table. With help from my Mom and SIL we managed to set a quite a pretty table. If I must say so myself.

The "older" adults got silver... next year we'll have to combined two sets so we have enough for everyone.

We had two turkeys, one roasted and one deep fried. I didn't eat either of them but everyone seemed to really enjoy both. Jeff watched a lot of Food Network and prepared his first turkey. He also helped my Dad fix the fried turkey.

We started dinner off with my Mom's delicious pumpkin shrimp bisque. By far my favorite part of our meal. After we served soup and said the blessing the rest of dinner was setup buffet style. Again, no pictures.

I had to laugh at Jeff's first plate. A fried turkey wing with beer.

Once everyone stuffed themselves we cleaned up and got ready for dessert. With the help of my Mom and amazing Mother-In-Law the clean up wasn't too bad. They both kept me sane and I can't thank them enough.

Coffee was served and we enjoyed dessert. My Mom made pumpkin and pecan pie and also brought a couple pumpkin rolls made at a local culinary arts school. I sampled the pumpkin roll and pecan pie, both were quite tasty.

We sent everyone home with leftovers and cleared out our refrigerator. This way we are not too tempted with food over the weekend. We kept just enough for one more day of munching.

I want to take a moment to share how truly thankful I am for our amazing family. Jeff and I pulled off our first Thanksgiving dinner but we didn't do it alone. Everyone of our family members pitched in to help make this a successful "production". We love you all and thank you very much!!!

Big thanks to my BIL for getting up early after turkey day to run with me. It felt great to get out for a nice brisk run!

Good Night :)

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