Thursday, December 17, 2009

Season's Greetings

Hello there and happy Thursday! Rather than writing about what I ate and what workout I did today I decided to share some thoughts (some of other people) of the season.

I read such a nice post this morning over at Mama Peas about giving. It really got me thinking about the season and what it's all about.

You may remember when I posted about my Salvation Army Angel that I bought gifts for this year. This is something I plan on doing every year from now on. It's amazing how helping others makes you feel, it really brightens the season for me and hopefully for the little girl as well.

I encourage you to think of ways you can help others during this holiday season and over the course of the year.

Check out the Mama Peas post for great gift ideas for all ages. Also read about Holly's goal over at the healthy everythingtarian.

Sometimes I make excuses for not donating but than I remember how very blessed and fortunate I am and that every little bit counts. After reading about what Holly is doing I donated a little towards her goal. Again, every little bit counts!

There is no better gift than knowing you brighten someone's day :)

Before I wrap I have to share this beautiful clip with you...

Peace On Earth

(I saw this on Jessica's blog and it gave me chills)

Season's Greetings to all!


  1. Hey Stasa!

    I am so glad you found my blog! :) And that is totally ironic that we both work in the same field (its kind of a small one so it's pretty rare that we share that connection). I'm actually changing positions in a few weeks though. I just got a great promotion as our Financial Education Coordinator, but I really really miss training! ;)

    Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by! :)

    Take care and Merry Christmas.

  2. That's great, congrats on your promotion!